There are a number of conditions. The conditions we place on your stay are determined by what affects the safety and comfort of the majority of our guests.

We are a tourist park. Our facilities are focused towards your accommodation needs, be it our unit/cabin, or your caravan/tent etc. Our park is centrally located in a township with close access to activities.

Within the park boundaries there are limited recreational facilities, what we offer is more suited to couples or couples with young children. Children over 10 years may be bored unless parents are willing to find extra activities for them.

Teenagers will be bored unless they can leave the park to meet their recreational and social needs. These priorities underpin the majority of our conditions.

SAFETY – We aim to minimise hazards to you, your family and your personal property.

REST – Your sleep is important to us. Your safety on the highways depends on it.

SERVICE – Friendly, courteous service and assistance lets you know your custom is valued.

RELAXATION – Peace of mind, and within reason, freedom from the negative impact of other people’s activities.


This park is supervised by the operators and their staff. Park rules and conditions are standard industry practice. Problems are responded to. We believe in your right to be informed before you choose, so detailed conditions are available to be forwarded (time permitting) by mail to all enquirers prior to finalising a booking.

Booking cancellation conditions:

There are conditions in relation to the refund of booking fees. Please enquire at time of making your booking.