Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Silver Sands Tourist Park supports Victorian government efforts to restrict the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).  Whilst we are a small business that has been impacted by government restrictions, the safety of our staff and the safety of our guests remains our highest priority.

Due to staged lifting of restrictions Silver Sands Tourist Park is due to open to the public again on Monday 1st June 2020.  However, on reopening there will still be several government-imposed restrictions we must abide by to keep you and others safe.

Please understand that the Coronavirus situation is dynamic and fast changing, and we will adapt as best we can to the changing circumstances.  Some of our facilities will remain closed either because of specific direction from government, or because we are unable to manage the facility to meet government requirements to have that facility open.

From Monday 1st June 2020 the following facilities will be open:

  1. Toilets and hand washing facilities.
  2. Units (with private cooking and bathroom facilities).
  3. Ensuite Cabins (with private cooking and bathroom facilities).
  4. Sites (if your caravan or motor home has private cooking and bathroom facilities).

The following facilities will remain closed.

  1. Amenities - shower facilities.
  2. Camp kitchen and BBQ area (electricity and gas will be turned off)
  3. Swimming Pools.
  4. Playground.
  5. Sites will be unavailable to campers, caravans, motorhomes who cannot provide their own cooking and bathroom facilities.  Tent showers are not permitted, facilities must be fully contained within your caravan or motor home.

Further, and most importantly to ensure your safety and to comply with government requirements, ALL GUESTS will be required to complete a ‘COVID-19 GUEST DECLARATION’.  The guest declaration can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Whilst we can accept a booking in advance, we are not permitted to admit guests without completion of the ‘COVID-19 GUEST DECLARATION’.  Further, you must be able to attest to staying in one of the approved types of accommodation, AND you must be able to attest to the SIX check box questions in the acknowledgement section of the ‘COVID-19 GUEST DECLARATION’.

It is in your interests to read the ‘COVID-19 GUEST DECLARATION’ before confirming your booking.  In cases where a guest has made a booking, expecting they could meet the requirements of the  ‘COVID-19 GUEST DECLARATION’, but upon arrival the guest cannot meet the requirements of the ‘COVID-19 GUEST DECLARATION’, then the booking will be immediately cancelled and the guest will receive an electronic refund of any deposit that was paid in advance.

The ‘COVID-19 GUEST DECLARATION’ must be signed in front of management on arrival, but to reduce time spent in reception, all other sections can be prefilled prior to arrival.

Please note that Silver Sands Tourist Park is NOT an approved place of isolation/quarantine.

Whilst we appreciate the additional requirements are restrictive, they are about keeping us all safe, and for this reason we will strictly follow government requirements.